Magnesium naturally calms your central nervous system + muscular system. 

The Mighty xo topical magnesium products are made for daily use to maintain healthy magnesium levels in your body.

In order to maintain healthy magnesium levels the average Adult and Child both need 3-4 mg of topical magnesium per lb. of bodyweight daily.

So, a 145 lb. person would need about 580 mg daily. If you are highly deficient, you can 2x-3x your daily application until you reach normal levels and then continue from there with daily maintenance.  Each spray or swipe of the roller contains @16 mg of magnesium, so use multiple times daily to reach your required dose.  The average adult needs about 1 tsp. of topical magnesium oil or 3 tsp. topical magnesium body butter daily to replenish and balance magnesium levels.  Each teaspoon of The Mighty xo magnesium oil contains 576 mg of magnesium chloride. 

What does that amount look like in a day's application?: As an adult female for daily use, I use the magnesium oil 2-3 times a day with about 8 swipes of the roller each time, and then 1-2 tsp. body butter at bedtime. It keeps me relaxed, focused and less stressed throughout the day and ready for restful sleep at bedtime.  


Topical Magnesium is the most effective way for your body to get the magnesium it needs because our skin is our largest organ and very porous. Our skin absorbs anything we put on it, and very quickly- especially our feet and hands which have the largest pores.

Magnesium application is best absorbed on soles of your feet because that is where the skin's largest pores are.  You can apply magnesium direct to the area you are experiencing tension, but not necessary, as indirect application is equally good, like soles of feet, legs, back of neck, stomach, wrists, and temples.

Applying magnesium topically will increase absorption by up to 90% as opposed to taking an oral magnesium which at best you will only absorb about 30%. Plus, you will begin to experience benefits in just 20 minutes!  When you replenish and balance your magnesium levels you will create a relaxed state in your body, helping to reduce stress and increase productivity of the over 300 vital bodily functions magnesium is necessary for.

It's been named the Miracle Mineral for good reason. 

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