Straight from the hip and the heart.
A little about me, if you're curious.... 

Learning the tools on how to manage my stress health and taking some friendly advice to balance my magnesium levels,  is what most positively impacted my own health to turn around. For years I walked around not feeling good in my body but just wrote it off as my "normal".  It wasn't until I started feeling healthier, through some simple consistent changes, that I realized my so called "normal" was in fact a horrible way to be.  I'm so happy that I found this miracle mineral, herbs and botanicals to use as support tools to manage stress. I'm thrilled to share what I've picked up along my journey with you. 

My health journey started a few years ago just before I enrolled at IIN, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.  IIN gave me the opportunity to receive my certification as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, CHHC.  Inspired by the teachings at IIN from wellness experts like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil,  Gabrielle Bernstein, Arianna Huffington, Dr. Mark Hyman and many others, a light sparked inside me that I could not put out.  It was then that I decided to share my passion to support others in feeling so much healthier and happier too.  My love for herbal medicine has grown as well, I have had the privilege to study with herbalists such as Rosalee de la Foret and The Herbal Academy in New Hampshire. 

When I'm not making beautiful products for you all, I am usually enjoying DIY projects, making herbal remedies, learning about herbs and plants, cooking, traveling, spending time with family and friends. Once in a while I do dip back into my 12 year career as a costume designer for TV and Film.  I'm happily multi passionate and plan to always nurture that in myself, I am almost always creating something. 

Welcome to The Mighty xo, I hope you find something here that inspires you xo